Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mongo Stanley.

October 1, 2010, I was sitting in my bed pouring myself over, petsmart,, and every animal shelter from Vancouver BC to Vancouver, WA. I went to the NOAH adoption page (you know, Noah? It's the really pretty lodge-like animal shelter on the side of the freeway in Stanwood), and saw that they had a beagle-lab mix puppy. There was no picture, but they said he was 23 pounds and darn cute. I called them immediately, asked if he was available, and proceeded to jump in the car to start my journey.

I walked up to the counter and asked to see "Forrest." Someone had just looked at him though, and the receptionist said she didn't know if he was still available for adoption (Insert my heart beginning to break). As you already know, though, this story ends well. That family said they were going to come back the next day (suckers!) to make their final decision. I was led into his room, and saw this little cutie. This picture was taken about five minutes after I decided to adopt him. And if I believe in love at first sight, it's only because of my initial encounter with Mongo.
I walked in, immediately began to exclaim that "I love him already!" repeatedly. I took him on a walk, played with him in the yard, and hugged him and kissed him like crazy.

I took him home six days later after they had him fixed.

He's annoying, he sometimes poops in my house, and he is afraid of walking over railroad tracks, heating vents, and windshield wipers. But this face?? Ahh, this face. Too much cuteness.

Thus, the story of Mongo Stanley Robinson, and how he came into my life.

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